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Texas Holdem Bonus Guide

If you enjoy playing real money poker online, but don’t want to play a long session, you should look for Texas Holdem Bonus in the casino. This game is almost the same as what you have played at poker sites like www.onlinepokerrealmoney.net. The casino game has become popular in the past several years due to the explosion of Texas Holdem poker players. The rules and payouts of the game vary slightly depending upon where you play Texas Holdem Bonus, but in this article we’re using Vegas rules.

How to Play Texas Holdem Bonus

·Texas Holdem Bonus is played with a single deck of 52 cards and the cards are shuffled every hand.

·To start a hand each player at the table needs to bet an ante. Each player can also bet an extra $1 to play the “Bonus”.

·Once the antes have been wagered each player is dealt two face down cards and the dealer is dealt two cards as well.

·You can look at your cards and decide whether you want to bet. You have the option of betting or folding your hand. If you bet you need to bet exactly 2x the size of your ante bet to stay in the hand.

·At this stage of the hand the dealer deals out the 1st three community cards (Flop). If you’re still in the hand you can make a bet that’s the same size as your ante bet or you can simply check.

·The dealer will deal out the 4th community card (Turn). Players still in the hand can make another bet that’s the same size as their ante bet or they can check again. After the betting the dealer will deal out the 5th community card (River).

·To win the hand you need to beat the dealer’s hand. If you don’t you lose all of your bets. If you bet the dealer’s hand your preflop, flop and turn bets will be paid out 1:1. Your ante bet will only be paid out 1:1 if you have a straight or higher, but if not the ante bet is simply given back to you.

·If you bet on the bonus bet you can win that regardless of what happens during the hand. To win the bonus bet you need to be dealt a pocket pair (22-AA), A/J, A/Q or A/K. The maximum payout on the bonus bet is 1000x your bonus bet, which you can win by being dealt pocket aces.

We always recommend playing the bonus bet when you play Texas Holdem Bonus because that’s where you’re going to win the big amounts of money. You only win 1:1 payouts in Texas Holdem Bonus, so you need to play the bonus in order to try and increase your chances of winning money.

It’s also important that you bet as much as you can when you have a premium hand. You may lose a big hand, but you need to always bet your big hands in hopes that you hit the community cards. Many players won’t bet after the flop because they want to limit their losses in the hand if they happen to lose. The problem with this strategy is that you don’t maximise the value on your premium hands.